Kitchen Accessorie Teak Natural Wood Tableware Spoon Frying Pan Scoop Cooking Utensils Fried Shovel Spatula Kitchen Cooking Tool

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Hand-polished chicken wooden spatula spoon

1. The whole body is made of chicken wing wood, made of logs, and seeks a kind of primitive flavor of life, natural life.

2. Paint-free chicken wing wooden spatula, made of whole wood, with no paint on the surface, combined with human mechanics design, feels comfortable grip, and the chicken wing wooden material is round and full, finely ground, and the shovel body is round, which can protect your cookware.

3. Made in one piece, not easy to crack and durable.

4. Wood is not easy to burn and does not stick to the pot.

5. Chicken wing wood is not easy to mold and does not hurt the pot, so it is very suitable for making spatulas and spoons.

6. Hanging holes are designed for easy storage.



Products: Hand-polished wooden spatulas and spoons

Material: chicken wing wood

Color: wood color

Size: as shown in the figure

Used in: home, restaurant and kitchen


1. Wood products are natural solid wood with different textures, and easy scarring is a natural habit, not a quality problem.

2: The hanging hole part is manually polished, and the small hole part will inevitably be a little rough, which will not affect the normal use.

Package Included:

1* spoon 1* shovel 1* spoon